We are the largest car park near the Verona airport

privately operated and we offer over 2400 covered parking spaces and discovered.

How far is it from the airport?
From the parking lot, proceed on foot to about 300 meters on the sidewalk to the turnstile-goods access.
Entering the airport grounds, after 100 meters you will arrive under the canopy where the entrances to access check-in are located.

Do you have the shuttle?
We don't have shuttles. The reduced distance covered in 5 minutes is similar to the distance that divides the check-in from the stop shuttles.

Are the staff also present during the night?
Yes. The staff is present 365 days 24h24 and provides their assistance with professionalism and courtesy.

If the car doesn't start due to a drop battery power provide assistance?
The staff has Buster car starter and tire inflator compressor it supplies free to customers with car problems.

Can customers keep their car keys with them?
Yes, always. No car must leave the keys to the Staff because we do not move the cars.

Do motorcyclist customers have the possibility to deposit their helmets?
We have provided special lockers for motorcyclists leave your helmet and personal clothing.

The route is signposted and safe to get to the airport?
Yes. From the parking following the signposted and illuminated sidewalk after 300 meters you will find the entrance goods turnstile from which access to the airport grounds and i airport car parks closest to check-in. In a few steps yes arrives at the covered sidewalk where there are the entrance doors at the check-in area.

Who can I contact for assistance or a change of booking?
For any need you can contact the management via email at prenotazioni@aeroparkverona.it or write to the CONTACT US form at the bottom of the home page page.

Which fiscal document is issued following a reservation?
Any reservation paid online with invoice data inserted provides contextual issuance of the invoice, no other document tax is issued in case of failure to enter data. The invoice it can also be requested for bookings with payment in parking provided that the data are entered and done issue request before payment. Otherwise it will come receipt issued and it will not be possible to request an invoice retroactively.

Where should I park my car?
Before entering the parking area, customers must stop to check in and receive directions from the staff as to where to park according to the reservation they have made. In the car park there are reserved areas where parking is not permitted to non-residents, breaking this rule will result in penalties as set out in the regulations.

Which phone to call to book or change a reservation?
To make a telephone reservation or make a change, call 045/9856101 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Have you already booked a flight and need a parking space?